Can I use a playpass for a paint class?

Unfortunatley play passes are only for open play and cannot be used towards a painting class. We hope to add a option to purchase multiple classes at once, but as of right now we do not have that service available.

Is the paint washable?

For open play, we purchase washable paint. With that being said we would be crazy to make a claim that it will come out of your clothes. Because we cannot control certain elements like what type of material your wearing and how long the paint stayed on the fabric- we always advise you to wear clothes that may get stained. For our painting classes we use acrylic paints and this paint does stain any fabric it touches. While we do provide aprons to wear during your visit we strongly recommend wearing clothes that may get stained.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, and No. No appointments are needed for open play, however for our paint classes you must have purchased a ticket in advance, we cannot accommodate walk ins as most of our classes sell out.

My child is under 6 years old- can she/he still attend a painting class?

We depend on parents to know whether their child will be able to sit through a two hour long painting class. If your child is a older 5 year old and you feel that they will do just fine, please sign them up! We do not recommend any younger than a older 5 year old because it often becomes a distraction during the class- we recommend bring them to our open play to paint until they are old enough to attend a guided class. 

I bought a ticket to paint class and cannot attend, can I be reimbursed?

We are happy to help! If you notify us no later than 48 hours before the event we can transfer your ticket to another class, we do not reimburse unless the event is cancelled by us. We cannot transfer or reimburse no shows.

I booked a private paint night and did not meet the min. number of painters, what happens now?

If the min. number of painters have not purchased tickets a week before the event- you are held responsible for the remaining balance to meet the minimum. ( A invoice will be sent to your email and must be paid before the event, otherwise we will assume you have cancelled. If you need to cancel, your deposit will be forfeited and your guests will be given vouchers for a future class. We understand things come up, and are happy to work with you to reschedule a event, if you need to reschedule please call us no later the 48 hours before the event.


I booked a canvas party for my child, I have a few guests that are under 6, can they still participate?

We highly recommend that guests are 6 years old or older. Children younger than 6 often do not find that following instruction for a hour straight is fun, and can lead to frustration for them and distraction for the other guests. 

Can they play in another area while the others are painting?

Unfortunately our studio is not set up for that, we utilize the entire studio for the party.

Can I bring in my own canvas for them to paint?

We actually sell canvas in our studio! You can purchase one during open play for your child. Or you can purchase them as party favors for your messy art party. Please do not bring your own.

Do you offer a discount if I purchase more than one ticket to a class?

We try very hard to keep our painting classes priced very low. Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for multiple class purchases.