How to choose the right painting

Who's painting with you?

We have given all our paintings an item number to help you choose the right painting for your group. Paintings with a EP or E are good for everyone (children 6 and up & adults) Paintings with a EP are recommended for canvas parties and private classes. Paintings with an A on them are recommended only for adults, and lastly paintings with a C are only for our kid camps & cannot be chosen for birthday parties or private events.

Don't see what your looking for?

We can create a custom painting for your event! Just call us we will discuss it further! Please give us a min. of 30 days to create the painting.

Remind your guests to dress for a mess!

While paint splattered clothes are coming back in style (right?!) its never a fun thing when you splatter paint your favorite shirt! Please let your guests know its important to not dress in your best!