Open Play


Paint Play Ground for Art Explorers

Each month we transform the entire studio into a theme guaranteed to entice your little ones imagination! Open play is geared towards children 2 years old to about 8 years old and focuses on self guided sensory art, whith a emphasis on the process of making the art piece, truly learning by experiencing in a encouraging, safe and friendly environment.


Open Play Hours & Price

Tues.-Friday: 9 am to 2:00 pm



$8 on Tuesdays

$10 Regular price

$45 Play Pass (5 visits- never expire)

Adults are FREE (With paying child)


Theres a method to all the FUN

While your little one may not know they are learning while playing at The Art Box, we have assured that many of the art stations help your child's cognitive, sensory processing, fine motor and gross motor skills develop. The benefits of playing at The Art Box are endless- and make for really great pictures!